Sony Reader Screen-Fragged Day 3/Wrap-up

Our story so far:

Day 1 (pictures): Out of the clear blue sky, my PRS-700, less than a month old, contracts a catastrophic screen disease. Sony refuses to send me a box to ship it in for repairs, instead they offer to reimburse me. I decline, and decide to take it into the store instead.

Day 2: The store is unhelpful; they can’t ship it or give me a new one. I have to call Sony Support back, and they now refuse to even reimburse me. I give up and decide to return it.

Which brings us to Day 3.

Today, I went back to the Sonystyle store with my Reader nicely packed up. The misanthropic manager tells me that they can’t take it back if it’s broken; but before I can explain my case, he hands me off, thankfully. All of a sudden, everybody’s on my side.

Nobody can believe that support wouldn’t send me a shipping box. They predictably offer me an on-the-spot replacement, a deal I would have taken back on day 1. Instead I stick to my guns and get a full refund, including the money for the extended warranty, and even the sales tax.

Morals: Sony support is awful. DRM is awful (I lost five books). However, they finally did relent and give me a full refund. I’m just glad it’s over.

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