reviews in haiku: January/February 2014

Skipped a month, now we’re back.


Fur People

by “Queen of Noir”

violent folks; bleak settings

book stars a hoarder


All The Heat We Could Carry

fresh poetry book

a meditation on war

about gay soldiers


The Way of Kings

new occupation:

long audiobooks for N

good for what it is



not Crace’s best book

wholly enjoyable still

read Being Dead first



part sad, part funny

Baby Boomer poetry

must suck to get old


The Alloway Files

not without its flaws

Roller writes the absurd well

eager for his next


Sharon Tate and the Daughters of Joy

what a great title

obsession-obsessed poems

Rammelkamp rolling



yet another meh

alternate history tale

merits, but it bores


The White Rail

great writing lauded

Hariss saw and sent her own

read her review soon

reviews in haiku: December 2013

So long 2013, good riddance. 


Marada the She-Wolf

sword and sorcery

blood and sex imitations

line work steals the show


For the Living Dead

greatest hits chapbook

delivers surrealist verse

there’s a bunch of clowns



schadenfreude reigns here

washed up rocker’s life story

dig the cover art

reviews in haiku: October 2013

Some fun-sized reviews to go with all that candy.


Kingdom of the Wicked

great looking artwork

it’s a unique offering

story is good too



refined-doodle look

serialized indie set

one more Kickstarter


Guinevere in Baltimore

Gladstone loves this stuff

dramatic monologue

Shelly Puhak winks


On Love

quite relatable

philosophical novel

funny, smart, touching


The World Atlas of Street Art and Graffiti

covers a broad swath

beautiful presentation

worthy Christmas gift


reviews in haiku: September 2013

It’s officially fall now, bring on the cider. 


Vulgar Remedies

Faulkner-like gothic

“childhood dream magic” verse

brief and skeletal



sci-fi written well

meets with high expectations

give this book a shot


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ultimate Collection

gritty and bloody

any Turtles fan will love

Bay will fuck things up


The Clerk’s Tale

drat it’s beautiful

best poem of the era?

embraces queerness


Monster Massacre

look past the cover

a badass anthology

it’s worth a flip-through



historical tales

linked stories at their finest

boy, can Barrett write


reviews in haiku: August 2013

Hey Summer where you been?



GN short stories

all three tales distinct and good

we dig the art, too


The Cuckoo’s Calling

so one seemed to care

surprise! JK Rowling’s book!

oh, shit, let’s buy this


Love, Dishonor, Marry, Die, Cherish, Perish

sometimes this hits hard

others, the verse can fall flat

sucks to end with this


You Are Now Less Dumb

pop-pysch for laymen

his other book is good too

but this drills deeper


The Dog Stars

actually works!

literary / sci-fi blend

give this book a shot


reviews in haiku: July 2013

Slow down summer, stop zooming by.


Eating the Dinosaur

insightful essays

Klosterman can tie a knot,

untie it for you



what? not a debut?

structural missteps abound

passable novel


The Shining Girls

literary thrill’s

better than deserves to be

not quite there yet though


The Illusion of Separateness

from a distinct voice

full emotional force prose

things get quite heavy


Hot Flash Sonnets

love the cover art

follows “Bar Napkin Sonnets”

what is this word silm?


Message to Adolf

Tezuka’s got range

Astroboy meets fascism?

love this cover too


The Fault in Our Stars

how’s this recipe:

funny YA cancer book?

makes a tasty sauce

reviews in haiku June 2013

When are the dog days?


The Hysterectomy Waltz

quite the title here

dark, satirical humor

think Catch-22



Stephen King’s new book

mostly a thriller, really

decent time killer


Travels in Elysium

this one is a slog

Man, Eric hated this book

despite his best shot

Little Houses

quasi-gothic tales

elusive, romantic tone

an intriguing set


The Book of Da

Kickstarter indie

good looking graphic novel

story’s okay too



magic gone awry

not quite up to Machine Man

read that book instead


reviews in haiku: May 2013

We’ve been pretty quiet at C4 the last month, with a homebase relocation and getting prepped for the next issue of the magazine. But now that things are started to get settled back down, we’ll be resuming our regular, more frequent scheduling through the rest of the summer. Look for new features and podcast episodes too.


The Book of Life

“haimish” poetry

what is it to be a Jew?

homey, folksy work


That Said

old poems and new

a poet of memory

author’s wildcard


The Woman of Porto Pim

a really good read

but don’t start Tabucchi here

come here for seconds



let’s have a Great Read

Lemony Snicket loved it

gets zany at times

reviews in haiku: April 2013

I think the winter is finally over.


Whack-Job Girls

ten stories, real short

Bonnie ZoBell, what a name!

worth a look and see


He Died With His Eyes Open

mystery reprint

an A.L. Kennedy rec

deserves to be read


The Quantum Thief

very smart sci-fi

deals in quantum abstractions

solid heist tale, too


My Planet

the other new Roach

just old Readers’ Digest bits

not that worth your time


What Things Are Made Of

“oil-slicked doomed penguins”

deliriously strange poems

check this collection


The Best of All Possible Worlds

for shame i09

calling babytown frolics!

convoluted mess


reviews in haiku: March 2013

In like a lion?


The Round House

adult coming of age

voice as good as Oscar Wao‘s

deserves its prizes


 The Life and Death of Poetry

elegant poems

author has a pornstar name

but they don’t write verse


 Songs That Saved Your Life

Smiths fans: hop on board

gets kind of repetitive

rah rah, so it goes


 Constellation Games

in Boing Boing we trust?

wild sci-fi book appears!

this one’s worth a read


There Once Lived a Woman Who Seduced Her Sister’s Husband and He Hanged Himself

follow up stories

awesome title 2 for 2

not as impressive


Seduction of the Innocent

pulp mystery fare

comics insiders thriller

rooted in the facts


Private Eye #1

comics fans take ear

a pay-what-you-want-to book

you should pay a lot