Chamber Four is a resource for readers, dedicated to making reading more enjoyable and more rewarding. We filter the stream of published work and highlight great reads in any medium and any genre. We also feature essays about books and reading, posts about the publishing industry, and information about ereader technology. With everything we do, we aim to help readers make the most of their reading experience.

Our blog provides a wide range of news, analysis, and opinions about publishing, literature, and ereading technology. We focus especially on how readers will be affected by developments in these fields.

Our book review database is intended to help readers find books that they’ll like, quickly and effectively. We’d like everyone—including you—to write reviews of books, even if you aren’t used to writing much. We’ll be happy to help you along; you can start by visiting our submit page.

You can read more about what we intend for our book reviews and blog in our FAQ.

Chamber Four was created and is maintained by three MFA grad students–Eric, Sean, and Nico–all three bred in a lab run by robotic Tyrannosauruses with impeccable scientific acumen.

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