C4 Recommends: Summer 2011

[Every so often on on our Twitter feed we’ll point to something other than books that caught our attention. In this occasional series, we highlight a few of those things, and a few others. Follow it here. The recommenders (Sean, Eric, Marc, and Nico) are denoted by first initial.]

This Isn’t Happiness — One of the best art tumblr blogs out there. [S]

George Plimpton’s Video Falconry — Flash game. Be sure to watch the back story then play the game. [S]

Brick — Unique high school noir movie from Focus—instantly streamable from Netflix. [S]

Sad Soldier Red — The first album by Babydriver, who rocked the C4 Issue #1 launch party. You can download it for free. [S]

“Don Quixote” — The latest production from Synetic Theater in DC, active entertainment for anyone who likes classic stories told in strange and acrobatic ways. [E]

“Gunshow” — Bizarre webcomic. Often very funny. [E]

“Los Trabajadores” — A print and wood panel series by artist Nicholas Naughton depicting migrant workers in the Southwest. [E]

“Words” — An old Radiolab episode about language, how we acquire it, and how it changes us. [E]

Hector Berlioz — A classical composer who loved to read. Especially check out Harold in Italy based on Byron’s Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage. [M]

The Bread Baker’s Apprentice — A surprisingly accessible guide to home bread baking. Reviewed here. [M]

Grantland — Bill Simmons’s new sports writing website. Only a few weeks old and they have already published some fantastic articles by Chris Jones and Chuck Klosterman. [M]

Don Hertzfeldt’s films — Hertzfeldt is a cartoonist famous mostly for his short piece The Rejected, but his real masterpiece is the Bill series. You can watch part one of the Bill trilogy (Everything Will Be OK) on Hertzfeldt’s website. [N]

Waltz with Bashir — I’m not usually a documentary guy, but this animated doc about the Israeli invasion of Lebanon is quite simply a masterpiece. Not instant streaming, but worth it. [N]

Steve McCurry’s blog — Steve McCurry took the picture on this very famous National Geographic cover. The other pictures on his blog are pretty great, too. [N]

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