Reviews in Haiku #8

It was a short month, but there were plenty of reviews to haikuify.



Dracula sequel?

better than I would have guessed

this was not Twilight


The Unit

isn’t too unique

good read if you’re up for it

at least it is fun


Plain Pursuit

vapid and trite trash

paper dolls could emote more

books should welcome thought


Going Rogue

Marcos gets ranty

but he kept his points valid

ha! moose excrement


Fun With Problems

Stone’s best writing is

all about the dalliance

too bad he needs plot


The Mystic Art of Erasing All Signs of Death

Nico: not impressed

ending fizzles out badly

won’t get an Edgar


Worlds at War

top-notch history

comprehensive as all heck

Pagden spins a yarn


Read This Book Now Series

Malcom X and Reap

led off our months-long series

oh, what will come next?


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